Your vision,

We give our merchant the tools and support to sail in this constantly changing landscape of payments.

<span style="color:#444444;">Your </span><span style="color:#ec0000;">vision</span><span style="color:#444444;">,<br />
our </span><span style="color:#ec0000;">mission</span><span style="color:#444444;">Your </span><span style="color:#ec0000;">vision</span><span style="color:#444444;">,<br />
our </span><span style="color:#ec0000;">mission</span>

Getnet is a PagoNxt company
by Santander

We are multi-channel

We are multi-channel

You can choose multiple ways to accept payments from your customers

We are multi-country

We are multi-country

Process online transactions for merchants established in multiple countries

We serve multi-currency

We serve multi-currency

So your costumer has the freedom to choose different currencies at checkout

We provide high specialization teams and servicing

We provide high specialization teams and servicing

Our support and sales team are specialized on providing the best solutions for each business

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Payments evolve.
We are here to help

Our global payments solutions are
designed to modernize commerce

You should be able to run your business and make it grow with the tools and human support that work for you and not the other way around. Choose from a wide range of solutions customized to complete any task you challenge us with.

We are a PagoNxt solution, backed by the confidence that Santander provides. So... put us to the test!

We are a global
and diverse


€112 bn

Total processed volume in 2021


Countries with acquiring service

1.3 mn

Active merchants



Join the 1.3 mn merchants that already use Getnet and discover how we can boost your business.

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Block fraud 

Detect fraud and stop blocking
genuine shoppers.

Our configurable financial fraud detection tools  analyze real-time patterns between all transactions, searching for and discovering complex connections between several data parameters.

  • We manage your risk so you can focus on your business.
  • Save your business from fraudsters
  • Don't get in the way of good customers

Count on Getnet´s in-house extensive experience in managing payment fraud prevention.